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Mads Guldager

As a former interior decorator, forms, shapes, colours and the sense for details are all part of my DNA. And along with that - my passion for photography, that has developed from a hobby to something near an obsession.Everywhere I go, I bring my camera – and some days I realize how I see everything as motifs, bleeds, color schemes etc!

I’m in my early fifties and have been working for SAS for almost 3 decades. Traveling is in my blood, and since childhood I have traveled several continents, experienced many cities, which always provides me the luxury of new experiences, new motifs to capture with my camera, that obviously always follows me as my true travel companion.

I take great pleasure in catching beautiful moments in nature and love to experience spectacular architecture and cultural gems. And not least, I focus on people. When I do, I try to catch all kinds of feelings, the beauty of Man, people engaged in their cultural habits – and people marked by life.

Please contact me if you would like my assistance to make an eye catching photo series. My interests include doing portraits, finding artistic motifs, searching for the right angle to rend a piece of architecture justice, the still life of indoor decoration, not to mention special occasions such as weddings where I take pride and prudence in capturing the unique spirit of the day.


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